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Welcome to post-apps era

We build products, not just apps
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We build products, not just apps

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Made With Love

We have been so fed up with bad interfaces and complex software that it has become our obsession to make technology simple and usable. And we really love doing that.

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Results Driven Approach

The rule of thumb is 'no bragging'. The only thing we are after is to solve your problem and we heavily rely on statistics to make sure our goal is achieved.

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Lean Methodology

We start with the release of a minimal viable product and then iterate with incremental features based on usage statistics. Our methodology has proven so powerful that it just works.

We build products that get used.

Most of the apps built today are made to get noticed and make 'vibes' in the press. We rather build apps your customers will love to use. In everything we do, the driving factor is the customers and their needs. Each line of code we write follows that rule. Each interface we design serves that purpose.

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We work with you towards profitability

Planning & Strategy

Planning & Strategy

Design & Development

Design & Development

Growth & Profitability

Growth & Profitability

Awais (Softoven CEO) is one of the coolest, most professional and efficient [partners] I have ever worked with. His approach has always been that anything can be done no matter how tight the deadline was. Being committed and achieving high results Awais could manage projects perfectly communicating with both client and internal teams to bring the best result.
- Harris Antoniou
Senior Account Manager, Velti

Behind the Scenes

CEO Softoven - Awais Naseer

Awais Naseer

CEO, Cofounder

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CTO Softoven - Qazi Waqar

Qazi Waqar


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BDM Softoven - Stefan Florin

Ștefan Florin

Partner, BDM

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